JK Woodall Ministries Talk Show

The Interview with Gerard Long

July 30, 2021

Gerard Long speaks to us about his tragedy to triumph experience.  His story will change your life and all will see that we Serve a Living God!

Bio:  Gerard Long tells his story of healing from the suffering and depression caused by the death of his two children and how God helped him transform the pain he went through into good to better the lives of others.

Learning about how to overcome suffering and face depression as a Christian, or any of the other topics outlined below? 1. Tackling Mental Health Issues as a Christian 2. 5 Key Ways to Help You Journey Through Suffering. 3. How God Transformed my Marriage from Tragedy to Triumph For more information, see the media kit for Living Hope (which includes a showreel): www.livinghopebook.com ; or a video outlining Gerard's story: "How do you Survive after the Death of Two Children" (https://youtu.be/mXD1yeq4QrM)

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